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1. What is 50% of the profit

"profit" in this case is the price you pay for the jewellery minus the cost of making the jewellery. The cost is:

i) making the jewellery

ii) hallmarking the jewellery

As can be seen we are not including any administration costs or any costs associated with running our business.


2. Why do I have to wait for at least a month for my jewellery

CORTIGRIS jewellery is made to order. We keep very little stock thus allowing us to be flexible with our investments in the business. By being a "made to order" process, our customers can ask for design changes more readily.


3. What are the MINIMUM order quantities

There are no minimum order quantities.


4. How can I speak to someone at CORTIGRIS

We have an email address and a phone which is a 24/7 answering machine. In both cases we have an internal policy of answering your query within 48 hours. If you phone us, we will ring and talk to you personally.


5. Do you sell CORTIGRIS jewellery in shops

At the moment we are ONLY selling CORTIGRIS jewellery from this website. This may change in the future,and if it does we will update our website to reflect that.


6. How can I be sure about the quality of what I buy

CORTIGRIS jewellery is hallmarked in London by the world renowned Goldsmiths Company.We have registered our own mark with them so the hallmark will also have our distinctive "Cs" mark as well.Each purchase will be accompanied with a Certificate of Authentication which has its own security features making it difficult for fraudsters to copy.CORTIGRIS and its logo have been trademarked in the UK. In certain circumstances we may get the jewellery hallmarked in the Birmingham Assay Office


7. Why is the white gold not shining as other white gold jewellery I have

White gold is a mixture of yellow gold and other metals which have a whitening effect on the yellow gold. With that in mind the purest form of white gold that can be reasonably made is 18K, the ones we use. Depending on the metals used and purity of the yellow gold, the colour can go from dull grey to an acceptable colour which is just off white. The reason some white gold is shiny is that jewellers will plate the gold with rhodium which is a very shiny white metal. The problem with plating is that in time it will inevitably erode away and expose the white gold below. CORTIGRIS jewellery is created to last a lifetime and as such we will not consider plating our gold.

All of our white gold is made with the best available whitening metal - palladium.

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